Syuba are the first people to be known as paper makers in Nepal, therefore they are identified as "Kagate" Syuba. Because they made paper out of the "Sigiua" plant and the word for paper in Syuba is the word "siu" language, they are known as Syuba. Syubas are included within the Bhot, Barmeli, and Tibetan ethnic group.  Although they have a long heritage and pass on their history in oral form, they haven't been able to develop their own identity due to the lack of educated people among themselves. Tradition has it that they originally settled in "Lego" in the district of Sindhupalchowk. Then they gradually migrated via "Helambu pawaghyang" towards the various VDCs of Ramechhap district. Syuba people have been mocked by other castes who say they are like paper, both easily wet and torn, or not lasting long. Therefore many Syuba people have not wanted to be identified as Syuba. Therefore in various districts, such as Lamjung and Gorkha, they write their caste/family name as Gurung, Ghale, Tamang, Kesi, or Yolmo. Thus, since they are in the minority the Syuba these days are vanishing language community.

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